Thursday, February 20, 2014

Frozen? Let It Go And Just Be

I accidentally found this music video titled "Let It Go," yesterday on YouTube. It is one of the soundtracks of the animated movie, "Frozen." This video is the "Africanized" version performed by Lexi Walker, featuring Alex Boye and the One Voice Children's Choir.

It may be the location and the costumes worn by the children, then add to it their voices which sounds so pure, sweet, innocent, joyous…oh, I could go on and on!

But, everything about it is heavenly! Ice age? Everything’s frozen – time and space if you will. Yet, we are who we are and you see that there is joy in being, just being – who we are individually and collectively: Children of God, born of peace and love, dwelling in light and grace.

Just, throw your hands in the air, lift your voice to the heavens, and simply “Let It Go! ” Enjoy the music below.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"The Interrupters": Lives Interrupted

"The Interrupters" is a documentary about youth and gang violence in Chicago and the grassroots organization that mediate between rival groups, doing their best to reduce violence in the affected neighborhoods. I saw it yesterday and I am watching it again today as I write.

I won't go into the details of the documentary because there's so much in it. It's got several branches or layers if you will, and getting into them would be like writing a research paper. However, the sentiments I felt yesterday are even stronger today and pushed me to write this post.

I heard one of the boys interviewed say, "Who am I? I am nobody." Nobody ~ because he doesn't know if after the interview, he'd be gunned down. Nobody ~ because for him (at least the way he sees it), there's no other way, no way out. Nobody ~ because everything around him dictates that being a "nobody" is his métier. Therefore, this brother was living a life interrupted. 

I couldn't help but think how he is Somebody in God's eyes. He just needs to realize it and accept that he is also Somebody, to himself. Except that at the stage he was in during the making of the documentary, and the unflinching manner with which he answered his own question, he'd need help realizing it.

Now I'm thinking, it's high time we had a subject or course in all school grade levels through high school called “You Are Somebody” or “You Matter”. You can ask about the kids who'd not be present in school to learn this. Remember, I said ALL grade school levels. Remember also the phrase, “Catch'em young.”

The earlier children learn that no matter what environment they find themselves in and how much everything around them tries to dictate otherwise, they can stand strong in the knowledge that they matter and claim with conviction that sentence, “I am Somebody,” the better the chances are that they would make better choices for themselves instead of getting involved in violent activities that interrupt their lives.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mars: Population - Children

& peace on earth to all mankind :-) RT @FixItFish: @aakomas =) !!!
You know the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words and tells a thousand stories? It is true, though some may not necessarily see it. Yet, there are those pictures and or images that often emerge with their words and stories so overt that even the untrained eyes are able to see, understand, and interpret these stories.

The above picture was sent to me with a smile by my twitter friend @FixItFish three days ago and I responded with a peace message. Yet, each time I look at it, I see a different story.

Today however, it tells the story of every child in our world - every child without a voice, every Malala, Trayvon Martin, Sandy Hook student, and countless children who learn daily that they are not protected enough by the society. That sometimes, adults can harm them and get away with their crimes because of the laws put in place by the adults who are supposed to protect them. That a trip to the neighborhood convenience store for a pack of candy may be asking for trouble and sometimes, death.

So, where do we send the children to protect them from the insanity that is our planet, from laws and "rights" that are meant to protect adults only, even in the event that children are hurt or murdered?

Look at the picture above, the kids are on a sandy beach. Sure, there are adults watching them but, focus on the image itself. And then, return to the action in the image. Today it says, "I love you," "I will be here for you," "I will protect you," "I will never let you go," "We have each other and together we will excel," and a whole lot more. Perhaps, the children will do a better job of it than society today.

Now, I don't know about you but, my thoughts are that children may be safer on Mars than they would ever be here on earth. Perhaps, when @MarsCuriosity is done roving the planet, we could send children there for their own safety; a place where societal laws protect them rather than hinder or terminate their right to live and their right to enjoy the simplest things in life like "skittles."  A planet where their right to live and thrive is more important than an adult's right of gun ownership or to "stand" their "ground." A planet where politicians remember that they promised to protect the weak in our society who by the way, are mostly children, and make good on their promises.

Why do I wish for an alternate universe for our children, our little brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, and little cousins on this earth? Because with the verdict yesterday came the insolent awakening, that again, society has failed the weakest among us and that, will go down in history as the greatest form of Man's Inhumanity Against Man.

Let's do better for the children!